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Pennsylvanians for Fair Health Coverage is a coalition of patient and provider groups working to ensure that commercial health insurance coverage will be concrete over the course of each year. All we ask is that insurers honor contracts with patients.

Pennsylvanians House Bill 2113

Right now, commercial health insurers in Pennsylvania can raise out-of-pocket costs or deny medical care at any time, even when individuals and families are locked into their health policy for the year.


Pennsylvania House Bill 2113 would amend Pennsylvania’s Unfair Insurance Practices Act to prohibit commercial health insurers from making coverage changes during the policy year that deny or increase the cost of a treatment, service or prescription that a patient is already receiving.


House Bill 2113 does not impact an insurer’s ability to alter covered benefits for commercially insured Pennsylvanians who are not already receiving a specific service, treatment or prescription drug. The legislation also does not limit health plans’ ability to alter coverage if a product or service is deemed unsafe by the FDA or when production of a prescription drug has been discontinued. It is modeled after principle number five contained in the American Medical Association’s Prior Authorization and Utilization Management Reform Principles.


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