NASH Initiatives


Our initiatives will focus on transforming the future of liver disease in relationship to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) by sharing best practices and driving implementation of knowledge. Key themes will be optimizing the
understanding of the patient experience, drive understanding and awareness through the primary care physician and the collection and analysis of patient-centered information.

The mission of the Community Liver Alliance through these initiatives is to unite patients, providers and industry to deliver the best possible care and develop new, scalable solutions to the growing worldwide issue that is NASH.

The NASH Coalition is a regional collective dedicated to improving the continuum of Fatty Liver/NAFLD/NASH prevention, diagnosis, care, education, and support services in the region.  The NASH Coalition members will include providers, patients, caregivers, and other partners.


  • Raise the public profile of Fatty Liver/NASH as an urgent health priority

  • Develop collaborative projects to address gaps in local Fatty Liver awareness, screening, diagnosis and treatment

  • Involve and mobilize individuals and providers to participate in current patient trials

A Framework for Action:


Primary Prevention

Community awareness and healthy living: How diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and the environment are closely related to liver health and prevention of NASH disease.


Secondary Prevention

Primary care and community GI awareness:  How early interventions with lifestyle changes and pharmacotherapy can prevent cirrhosis and other complications of NAFLD/NASH.


Tertiary Prevention and Care

Academic-community partnerships, disseminating up-to-date information, community awareness of pathways of care for individuals with advanced fatty liver disease.



Special programs for pediatric patients with NAFLD and their parents.


Addressing the Unique Needs of the Underserved Populations

How to increase awareness among underserved and rural communities.


To meet the emerging need, the Community Liver Alliance has reached out to providers, health systems, patients, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies and other community-based health and advocacy organizations to collaborate on issues surrounding NASH. 

With our partners, we can build awareness, provide education, screenings, referrals to treaters, access to health insurance, prescription assistance and support. Further, we can inspire real change on a state and national level together!

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